The Outplaced Team

Dedicated Professionals to Support Your Business in the UK

The Outplaced Partners

  • Mike Warren (Dr)
    Mike Warren (Dr) Managing Partner

    Mike is a proactive director and business leader who is intent on providing, in the most ethical manner possible, discreet and confidential career management services to individuals. His ultimate aim and purpose in life is to ensure that Proteus continues, long after hs time, as a legacy for the future so that it can continue to help people with their careers. Mike helps Proteus clients in London, Hampshire, Dorset and via Skype.

  • Peter Wilford
    Peter Wilford Managing Partner

    Peter Wilford has a background in Human Resources and Training of over 30 years.  His wide experience includes financial services in the City (Charterhouse PLC, Noble Group), oil (Texaco), telecommunications (Cable and Wireless) and construction and engineering (Biwater, Trafalgar House/Kvaerner).  He ran a niche consultancy providing tailored HR/Training solutions to SME’s and mid cap organisations undergoing change and has managed a portfolio career.  As a Career Coach and Job Search specialist he delivers one to one coaching and group support to the corporate and private markets. He is BPS accredited for testing and assessment and is a Fellow of the CIPD.

Outplaced Associates

Our frontline team

Both Mike Warren and Peter Wilford have built up a team of expert, commercially-focused Associates (Consultants, Career Coaches and Job Search Specialists) who are carefully selected and trained. They are at the centre of every programme and follow the Outplaced ethics and our quality standards. The Outplaced Directors keep a close link to their capabilities and performance to ensure best matches with any client and high quality outcomes. We take pride in our Associate team members. 

Clients are supported by our Directors who take responsibility for coordinating the Associate Team, additional support services and our supporting Outplaced Transitions Support Centre to support each client for job sourcing, research and preparation of materials to ensure their success in their programme for their career transition. 

How we match the client with a Consultant / Career Coach

An Associate (Consultant / Career Coach) from Outplaced is assigned to each client. We look at several factors to ensure the closest match including job role, industry , style, level, location, background and future career aspirations. From here we ensure that an Associate with the suitable attributes is then selected. Our robust assessment process allows us to be confident that our Associates are the best in the field. We place strong emphasis on selection and ongoing development of our team.

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