Career Planning Programme

Intensive programme of career direction determination culminating in the definition of a set of written Career Objectives.

Price: £945 + VAT per person.

Module 1: Initial Counselling Session (1 hour)

A discussion of current circumstances and the emotional impact of the current situation.

An introduction to the service and a detailed explanation of the processes involved that will enable us to do the following:

  • to determine precisely which of the various elements available within Module 2 will be of most benefit to the individual in determining a set of written, realistic and achievable Career Objectives.
  • to explain how, through a series of homeworks, we are able to take into account the individual’s interests, transferable skills and personality in ensuring that the final set of Career Objectives also match the individual’s future career aspirations as well as their lifestyle requirements.

Module 2: Career Planning Programme (5 hours)

This module is designed to provide full support in direction finding.  It includes both personality and interest psychometric testing and up to 5 hours structured discussion and analysis of the results, beginning with presentation of a 50 page report about the individual.  The elements involved have the following objectives:

  • to identify the most appropriate career aims and objectives, set in the context of our comprehensive knowledge of the present job market.
  • to assess achievable salary targets, location, sectors and probable functions.
  • to determine specific requirements in terms of motivational training, restoration of confidence and self-image and the degree to which interpersonal, communication and team building skills need to be developed.
  • to review personal job environment criteria through the concept of the “Life List”.
  • to create an action plan that will facilitate the achievement of the career objectives.


If appropriate, a partner is encouraged to be present for Module 2 if they are available.

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