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What actually is outplacement?

Outplacement is a term used to describe the efforts made by a downsizing company to help its redundant employees through the redundancy transition and help them re-orientate to the job market. A consultancy firm usually provides the outplacement services.

Whether an employer has agreed to fund outplacement support for an employee, or if the individual client is paying for this support directly, Outplaced has a range of outplacement options to support them in their transition into a new role.

Any client who is being made redundant will know that dealing with redundancy is particularly challenging. The practicalities of looking for a new job including compiling a CV and developing a sales pitch to prospective employers can be very daunting.  Clients may also be experiencing some mixed emotions regarding the whole redundancy process itself and the uncertainty ahead.

Our outplacement programmes provide practical and emotional support needed for job search success at this challenging time.  We also go beyond traditional outplacement.

What organisations have you worked with?

A sample of recent assignments conducted by Outplaced includes work for the following organisations:

  • Rank Hovis
  • National Audit Office
  • Universal Studios
  • Hampshire County Council
  • Royal National Institute for Deaf
  • Assessment and Qualification Alliance
  • Hummingbird UK
  • Kent Reliance Building Society
  • Moss Pharmacy
  • Port of London.
  • Sanyo Europe Ltd.
  • Video Arts Group 
  • Inteva Products Ltd
  • Financial Ombudsman Service
  • Gala Coral Group Ltd
  • East Dorset District Council
  • A.T.Cross Ltd
  • Morrison’s.
  • Turbosound Limited
  • Atrium Underwriters Limited
  • Whirlpool.
  • Lloyd’s Bank
  • Datacash.
  • Forestry Commission
  • IGD.
  • PA Resources.
  • Brakspeare.
  • ALD.
  • Taube Hodson Stonex Partners LLP

Why is Outplaced formed of 2 companies?

Outplaced is a partnership offering Redundancy Support Services.

Outplaced has been set up to combine the joint resources of Proteus Consultancy Ltd, led by Mike Warren and Gateway Career Management Ltd, led by Peter Wilford.

Proteus was established as a limited company in January 1991. Gateway was established as a limited company in July 2009.  Mike Warren and Peter Wilford have combined experience in Outplacement and Career Management of over 50 years.

Outplaced offers Outplacement, Career Transition and Career Management services and brings together proven techniques, fresh and innovative research and outside the box thinking, harnessed to a pragmatic and commercial approach which makes working with us a refreshingly different experience.  Both Proteus and Gateway have helped many people take the next step in their career and have worked with many organisations on Outplacement assignments.

What kind of benefits does professional outplacement bring?

We believe that you will see benefits at three levels – to the organisation and to your remaining employees as well as to those who are leaving.

To your organisation:

  • Managed risk
  • External – reputation management
  • Clear, transparent pricing structure
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Proactive outplacement relationship
  • Support in implementation
  • Simple to implement
  • Take away the heavy lifting
  • Low maintenance and low risk
  • Hassle free
  • Transparency 
  • Hand over whole process to us
  • Clear reporting of usage 
  • Clear guidelines for your HR team
  • End of phone / email support
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

To your remaining employees:

  • Internal – enhanced employee morale
  • Reassurance that the company cares
  • Aligning roles against the new organisation structure 
  • Reviewing and implementing new development programmes
  • Facilitating succession planning
  • Focussing personal training and activity
  • Building on teamwork to produce more effective and stronger teams
  • Increasing personal performance and productivity
  • Setting objectives which can support the new business
  • In time – fostering increased loyalty

To your displaced employees:

  • Clear level of service
  • Top up facility 
  • Tailored to individual learning style
  • Ownership rests with employee
  • Focus on fulfilling dreams
  • Job versus self-employment, contract or consultancy
  • Flexibility to meet personal timescale
  • Best practice

Where is Outplaced located?

Outplaced has access to a network of hand-picked Associates across the UK. This allows support at any location.

Our Associates have been selected and trained to deliver the full range of Outplaced programmes at any location.

How does Outplaced operate?

Both Mike Warren and Peter Wilford have built up a team of expert, commercially focused Associates (Consultant / Career Coaches and Job Search Specialists) who are carefully selected and trained. They are at the centre of every programme and follow the Outplaced ethics and our quality standards. The Outplaced Directors keep a close link to their capabilities and performance to ensure best matches closely with any client and high quality outcomes. We take pride in our Associate team members.

Every client is supported by one of our Directors who takes responsibility for co-ordinating the Associate Team, additional support services and our supporting Outplaced Transitions Support Centre to support each client for job sourcing, research and preparation of materials to ensure their success in their programme for their career transition.

We start with an initial meeting with you to discuss fully your needs and requirements and the outputs that you are looking for.  We then follow up with a proposal which is tailored for your organisation. We may need to meet you again or discuss this on the phone.

Outplaced is wholly flexible and individual in our approach to outplacement.  We create a structure around the individual to meet their very unique requirements whilst avoiding a sense of ‘processes’.  Outplaced has established a reputation and have become acknowledged as a niche player able to advise organisations on the best way to support their people who are going through career transition.

Outplaced works with people in a way that best suits them and their organisation. We offer one-to-one coaching, group workshops or resource centres, remote telephone and online support, or a combined approach. Our internet based Transitions Support Centre offers self-help materials and information sources.  It also offers links to a range of job opportunities.

How do I work with an Outplaced consultant?

Once you have given you agreement to proceed we will assign a Consultant / Career Coach to work with the individual(s) concerned. We look at several factors to ensure the closest match including job role, industry, style, level, location, background and future career aspirations. From here we ensure that our Consultant / Career Coach has the suitable attributes.  We place strong emphasis on selection and ongoing development of our team. Our robust assessment process allows us to be confident that our team are the best in the field.

What do your programmes cover?

All of our outplacement programmes are tailored to meet each individual’s needs. However, our programmes typically involve working with one of our highly experienced career coaches on the following:

  • Improving a CV
  • Developing a Linkedin profile
  • Managing Redundancy and Job Loss
  • Frustrated / not challenged / not using my skills at work
  • Taking a Career Break 
  • Changing direction
  • Starting your own business
  • Developing a Portfolio Career
  • Moving into Consultancy or Interim work
  • Returning to work after a Job or Career Break
  • Retraining, Reskilling and Qualifications
  • Job Search not getting anywhere
  • Not converting Interviews to a Job offer
  • Having a crisis in your career, mid life

Is my company too small?

No, we work with SME organisations who have as few as 12 employees.

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