Preparation, Job Search Techniques & Marketing

One-on-one bespoke support, preparation for market and advanced job search techniques moulded to the individual’s requirements.  Implementation of marketing programme for the chosen programme or until placed, whichever occurs first.  Support is available either as lapsed time programmes or contact time programmes.  The same modules are covered in each programme but the treatment is more bespoke and in depth for the higher level programmes.

Contact Time Programmes:

  • Level 1: 4 hours consultant support £  440 + VAT per person
  • Level 2: 6 hours consultant support £  620 + VAT per person
  • Level 3: 9 hours consultant support £  915 + VAT per person
  • Level 4: 12 hours consultant support £1150 + VAT per person

Lapsed Time Programmes:

  • Level 5: 3 months duration support
  • Level 6: 4 months duration support
  • Level 7: 6 months duration support
  • Level 8: 8 months duration support
  • Level 9: 12 months duration support

Module 1: CV Development

Review of existing CV, with suggestions for improvement and advice on variations needed to meet the requirements of different marketing approaches.  Introduction of the AAA and ASQ concepts as they relate to CV’s and presentation at interview.  Related homework to assist in drawing out achievements and transferable skills.

Detailed production of a CV based on individual career aims.  If necessary, several different versions are produced, depending on the marketing strategy which is most appropriate to the chosen career objectives.  Guidance on the style of CV required to address different sectors of the employment market is also included where appropriate.

Module 2: Interview Technique

In-depth tuition on:

  • how to address the question, ‘Could you tell me about yourself?’
  • the importance of the telephone interview
  • interviewing and interviewer styles
  • how to address life audits
  • how to deal with the aggressive interviewer and with “trick questions”
  • buying signals
  • asking questions
  • avoiding pitfalls
  • elementary body language and its interpretation.

Specific interview practice is used, where appropriate, to ensure the development of effective and flexible interview skills suited to the style of not only the interviewer but also of the interviewee.  Identification, review and correction of problem areas in content and presentation are exhaustively covered.

Post interview debriefing to increase self-awareness and confidence for future interviews.

Specific practice prior to attending real interviews.

Module 3: Marketing Strategy

Identification of the most appropriate marketing strategy, which takes into account personal circumstances and is consistent with defined career objectives.  The strategy involves the individual in learning some specific skills:-

  • how to get the best out of head hunters and who are the best ones
  • the concept of the ‘broadcast’ letter and its advantages
  • advice on appropriate letters to match the different elements of the strategy
  • how to address the advertised market in the most effective manner
  • networking skills and contact development
  • advice on data sources and their uses.

Assistance with the development of sample letters and texts to be used for speculative and broadcast mailshots, direct response to advertisements, application forms and supporting documentation.

Module 4: Marketing Implementation

Hands-on support during all aspects of the marketing programme and its implementation.  Although the programme will be tailor-made to the individual’s requirements, some or all of the following facilities are likely to be required:

Use of the Proteus Head Hunter and Recruitment Consultant Database: built up over many years, we have comprehensive knowledge of their strengths and specialised areas of expertise

Registration to receive the weekly Proteus Market Intelligence Report containing around 15,000 business bulletins per annum.  Individuals will be shown how to use these bulletins to find, investigate and secure hidden opportunities in the job market

if appropriate, the Proteus Research department will carry out research specifically for the individual’s needs and build personalised databases for that person as appropriate

Access, where appropriate, to our own network of contacts, developed over many years and an invaluable source of opportunities.

Module 5: Post Placement

All individuals are offered a 3 month review after placement to re-assess their overall career management strategy, update CV’s and ensure short-term objectives are being achieved.  Longer-term objectives will be restated, if necessary.


We suggest that consideration should be given to the Career Planning Programme.  This formal programme aimed at defining a succinct, realistic and achievable Career Objective can be taken in conjunction with any of the Level 1 to 8 Outplacement Support Programmes.

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