Outplaced is a partnership offering Redundancy Support Services

Profile of the Outplaced Partners

Outplaced combines the joint resources of Proteus Consultancy Ltd, led by Mike Warren, and Gateway Career Management Ltd, led by Peter Wilford.

Proteus was established as a limited company in January 1991. Gateway was established as a limited company in July 2009. Mike Warren and Peter Wilford have combined experience in Outplacement and Career Management of over 50 years.

Outplaced offers Outplacement, Career Transition and Career Management services and brings together proven techniques, fresh and innovative research and outside-the-box thinking, harnessed to a pragmatic and commercial approach that makes working with us a refreshingly different experience. Both Proteus and Gateway have helped many people take the next step in their career and have worked with many organisations on Outplacement assignments.

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