Transition Support Services

Helping you throughout the transition

The Outplaced Transition Support Services provide expert guidance and resources to support individuals during career transition. You will be able to access a range of tools and information to help you identify and progress towards your chosen destination.

The Transitions Support Services assist those trying to find a new role. It also supports people considering an alternative career direction, whether that is running a business, becoming an interim manager or consultant, or working overseas. The Transitions Support Services also support those who are seeking something new and different in their lives and offers support with personal development, career breaks, volunteering and retirement.

As well as expert practical guidance Outplaced brings together many useful resources including:

  • Self-assessment questionnaires
  • Personal development resources
  • Research tools
  • Job vacancy information
  • Recommended websites
  • Leading books and articles
  • Discussion forum
  • Networking facilities

This guide will give you a simple overview into some of these tools. For more general advice on how to work with the Outplaced Transition Support Services please contact Peter Wilford  or Mike Warren to get started.   

This Outplaced Transitions Support Services provides users with access to a range of essential job search information. This ranges from links to job boards to links to search and selection consultancy and head-hunter websites.

Due to our reputation within the field of career transition we are sometimes asked by specialist recruitment consultancies to advertise their opportunities to our clients. We will advise you about this facility which provides you with direct access to those vacancies.

We have access to databases including organisations and Head Hunter / Recruitment Consultancy firms which gives access to a wide range of high quality information invaluable to individuals who are job searching in preparing for meetings, interviews etc.  One of these is especially useful for doing research into specific UK companies. Profit and loss accounts, number of employees, stability rating and recent news articles are just a few of the items that can be viewed.  It can also be used to compile a list of UK companies according to criteria entered, e.g. the top 50 financial companies in inner London.

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